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Friday, February 5, 2021

High School Gym Days! (Things, I'd Never Thought I'd Do!)

            I may touch a bit upon this topic on the blog here and I am sure I will talk about it more during a podcast with Billy himself but in this post I wanna touch on things I never ever darn well thought I'd do in my time with High School and this will kind of an idea what I went through during High School. Here is my list:

1) Lengthy Run from the school to a major road: The road I mentioned is a major road within probably 2 km from the school as we were forced to actually run there and back and yes a classmate cheated and got caught, hahaha! Still very memorable and the one I told to shush in another class. Point is the run was tough but yet I got through it.

2) Lifting 150 Pounds: I never thought I'd ever lift 150 pounds with weights yet I had the push and help of my amazing gym teacher, Mr. Plishka whom has passed away almost 2 years ago in May. He pushed me and I did it and I think the most was 155 pounds in total if I remember correctly.

3)  Climbing a Rock Wall: I got the chance to rock climb a wall and again Mr. P gave me that push to doing this and getting out of that comfort zone and I definitely did that during his class. I was gonna be excused with this unit but I did it for him and myself.

4) Climbing the Rope: I once again went out of my comfort zone and climbed the rope and honestly I do not even think Mr. Plishka was even paying attention that I did the rope till I got down and told him I did it which more then likely surprised him and my EA too.

            There is my list of 4 things during gym class that I think I'd never do and it will be moments that I will never forget that I did and I can say this: I am very proud of myself as heights has been an issue for me growing up and these are things I am very, very fortunate I did happen to do and no regrets on any 4 on these list. Anyways have a great weekend I will be speaking to you guys on Tuesday! (Boy this feels odd saying this... LOL!)