Friday, March 3, 2017

Grand Theft Auto IV Vs. Grand Theft Auto V Comparison!

As most of you know, when I am not podcasting or blogging on my website, I play video games for fun when I am not spending time with the family or out and about and at appointments. It gets my mind off things of the website, podcasts, blogging, it really gives me time for myself for when I was on YouTube I didn't have much time for myself when I was planning constantly with projects talking to new potential Staff members to join the crew!  So on my spare time I spent tons of time playing Grand Theft Auto V and just recently completed all the missions including the 3 choice conclusion which are very interesting, 1) killing Trevor which was the essential choice I picked cause of him being crazy and interesting character. But I gotta admit tho that there is more characters then the one character in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. Going back to 4 or back towards the first ever one you only get to control one character. However they definitely did an amazing job with each Grand Theft Auto and it always makes me wonder what to expect next on the game. 

Grand Theft Auto 4, the primary focus is on Niko, Roman, Mallorie & Little Jacob, Packie, Brucie, Dwayne and Kate but you are the entire time Niko which is fine with me I was use to it. There was a lot of killing characters like Vlad, Dimtri which was the major Antagonist in the story arc throughout the entire game but was there till the end of the story arc. There was a lot of characters killed off Mr Faustin, Vlad, Kate which was unfortunate at the Funeral scene, however if you did option 2 it would be Roman's fate that happens. Same with I either had to kill Derrick or Francis and obviously I picked Francis, I got sick of him bossing Niko around, LOL. But the fact that you get 2 options in the game at certain points of the game, I absolutely loved!  And the fact I was Niko the entire time I go to the location made the game easy to navigate.

Now Grand Theft Auto 5, I love how you can switch characters in and out of the game and the different comments the characters makes, especially Trevor who is an character in himself and is very very hilarious character! I Love the craziness between all 3 characters and a lot of shooting and action happens in the game, always some kind of action that happens within the game. I like how if you run into someone as you know when you did that in 4 or before then, they could open the door and pull you out to start a fist fight, well now when you hit someone you can end up in a car chase or the person rear ending you in the game so that sure makes it interesting. If you just start start making any noise whatsoever in Grand Theft Auto 5 a dog can come and attack you and same with a wild animal which is completely different. Finally in this version of Grand Theft Auto you can customize a car to your liking with many options like engine, transmission, brakes, customize in colors and secondary colors, its crazy, I went to town and I re-created Trevor's Mustard Truck, Micheal's Lava Car and Franklin's Sprite car & Sprite Bike and gave it the highest level of upgrades which made it fast and so wicked! That is my review between the 2 and I would take GTA 5 over 4 any day of the week but again I liked both thus far! What do I know right? Ha ha!

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