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Monday, February 21, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb's 1500th Post!

                  Wow, time has flown by with posts. I never thought even with 5 days a week with posts that I'd never get to 1500 blog posts. It is quite a feat getting this far and I just continue to pump out posts every day during the week and sometimes on weekends. It is very crazy to be this far and now with Amy aboard on the team, she has been added to the blog here on and you can see her listed on the right hand side just below the logos, search bar it is there and 2 of us are listed, myself and Amy. I may ask Larry to reaccept the invite to the blog so there will be definitely 3 of us listed for right now and they can post up whenever they want they just gotta tell me when they wanna do a post on the ChrisBOnTheWeb blog so I can properly schedule it on social media so it goes out to you guys. 

                   So we have gone a long way with ChrisBOnTheWeb & since it started. When we started I blogged sporadically which means not that often and I think the fact I was primarily focusing on YouTube at the time and was the only thing I wanted to focus on at the time. As my YouTube career started to fall apart, I moved more into the blogging side of things here on the website. I am happy with the way things have turned out with ChrisBOnTheWeb and proud of every moment along the way. I probably will not do anything special for a post till the 5000th blog post at this point and I know I said this before but I am making a promise there will be post for that too. Anyways that is the post for today, hope you enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post!