Friday, June 26, 2020

Survivor & Big Brother Canada 9 On Hold, Amazing Race Canada To Air Next Year!

                 So much going on and this nightmare is far from over. Yes I am making reference to "Everything About Reality TV Podcast."  Yeah it's not been the greatest year for the podcast and I will get into that on another post on Friday here on the blog. Today I wanna talk about some of the Reality TV Shows I watch and also cover on the podcast. Anyways here is what is going on:

Survivor 41: I know it has been in doubt when they will be bringing back Survivor. I had word they were going to start filming it but now what I heard last it is now on hold which I found out from another fellow podcaster of mine. So I wonder and hope they get time to at least film Survivor 41 for this fall so this doesn't hurt my podcast whatsoever.

Big Brother Canada 9: What I have heard is they are putting Big Brother Canada on hold according to Big Brother Maple and MyIClick which you can find or for the entire article. However they are not sure they will be able to afford to air it as they are highly depend on sponsors etc but anyways you can read about it in the two articles I sourced on here. Yes I am sad to see this happen and I will again address why on the Friday post.

Amazing Race Canada 8: Finally on the list is Amazing Race Canada which they recently announced on their social media that they will be back next year for Amazing Race Canada 8 so this means they aren't able to film the show this year due to this Pandemic.  However this is why I already have Tough As Nails and hopefully one other show but I am fine with this but I understand why. 

             I know it took them sometime to announce but least we are now getting some news on the shows we love and watch. However we are still awaiting on Big Brother 22 and I just hope Big Brother 22 happens so this won't end up losing listeners especially with our Reality TV Podcast. It is frustrating indeed to have all this spare time of no Reality TV Show so I am trying to make the best of my time to be honest.


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