Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today Marks 1K in Blog Posts!

                    Well today marks 1000 blog posts or 1K if you wanna be totally politically correct... LOL. Anyways when we first started these posts it was here and there on the website and this was just the start so we weren't on the full time or daily blog posts and I couldn't really tell you when we started the full time blogging on a regular basis. However when we did we were very consistent with posting on on a regular basis actually. Yes we did miss a couple of days here and there and we're not trying for a world record but to have this many posts over the years since the beginning of Chris B On The Web almost 6 years ago we sure made up the time. I want to go through all the posts and I know that's a lot but I will be able to find it and pin point where we started and it definitely can be a post for next week and I will write it on my white board as a reminder of to do this post.

                   This isn't going to be overly a long post as I was rushed as I had an dentist appointment today but I want to thank you. Thank-you for sticking by us over the years, remaining loyal to our website, the podcasts and the growing pains we have experienced here on the website through the thick and thin of things with the website. Here is to many more blog posts as we are nowhere near stopping the daily blog content on a regular basis. As long as you guys continue to read the posts, we will continue to create new and exciting posts. We enjoy keeping you guys up to date with the progress of the website and the growth and we have some neat things in the works that we are planning to bring back to the website that we recently removed. We got ton more exciting blog posts coming next week with a ton more updates especially in my gaming world as I just recently made it. So you guys can see we're not slowing down we are full speed ahead.

Chris, Founder & Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb

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