Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mixer Shutting Down-- My Thoughts?

           This came sudden to me with the announcement for Mixer streaming website and I was honestly shocked. I know recently I have had my own feelings about the website but will not talk bad about them as it was a really good website up to me being banned for apparently being under 13 years of age which all of you clearly know that I am not. I was reading into their blog post and did not understand why they were closing and it doesn't  really explain why it is shutting down but here's the article:  however I do not understand why. In my opinion it is truly sad to see another website closed. First Stickam which I grew up with, then then Justin.TV, and so forth. This does mean that streamers will either have to go to Facebook gaming as it says in the post or some go back to Twitch, YouTube or another website. I know how it feels to go from site to site, I've been there as some was the perfect fit for me some weren't. It is wherever you are most comfortable streaming to be honest/

            However I have to remain positive with this post and I have to say thank-you to the Mixer Team for being there for us gaming content creators and helping us grow as creators and grow our community and help us succeed in creating our own community and building. We understand why you have to close down and I remember when it first opened and trust me I was most impressed with the way it looked and I loved the way the chat looked and the name colors rather then a badge for a rank on your chat or even subscriber and I really liked that they were different from other platforms.  I may not be streaming games anymore but still support gaming sites even without it as I watch streamers like Taran from Rob Has A Podcast, Kevin from Big Brother Canada, Boogie2988, McJuggernuggets. Also still streaming our podcast on YouTube eventually. However thank you for reading what I have to say and stayed positive throughout the post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


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