Saturday, June 27, 2020

As of Tomorrow, We Are Moving Blogs To 11 AM EST!

                  As of tomorrow, Sunday, June 28th, 2020, we are officially moving our Blog posts back to 11 am EST as we originally had it when we first started scheduling daily blog posts. I think this is the best decision for us. I know we said that we would be switching back times but we just totally forgotten we announced it and went through with it hence the reason why we are announcing it today so you guys know. As I said Sunday, we are making the blog post released at 11 am EST which is only an hour back of the current schedule for the podcast. Anyways I think this will open a ton of doors for other projects as we are trying to be flexible with scheduling as much as we can and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to actually bring it back an hour. Also I was gonna do this when Entertainment Man Podcast was still on the air back nearly 3 months ago when it abruptly ended so that was the original reason behind it but now I just wanna make sure hosts and projects have the most appropriate scheduling time slot.

                 It will not be me on Sunday's post with the change over of times as that is usually my day off from CBOTW Blog posts most of the time but I start with the new time on Monday and boy I have a couple of gaming related updates to make too and excited to make the updates. Also got a couple of ideas, including when do I wanna start going to events in 2021 which will be a difficult one to write. I think we got more views in the late morning for the blog posts then at the normal 12 pm EST time slot. I promise you guys this change will not change ever again and it will remain as it is moving forward from here on out. I wanna try and stick to the same schedule with things but sometimes we have to make changes that we don't like but it is what it is to be honest. Anyways there is my post for today and I hope you guys are fine with this change of times for the blog and I'm sorry we didn't go with the changes originally but we just totally forgotten about the change over all together. Anyways I am excited for these changes to tjeblog posts moving forward.


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