Sunday, June 28, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates for 06-28-2020

                This is our last update for the month of June as we're heading into the month of July already. So there has been a lot of issues around our community and drama which mind you is unacceptable but I will talk about it in today's post.

Everything About Reality TV-  Only thing we can tell you as we are hiring for Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and other show which you can apply by going here: Also boss man Chris recorded the Tough As Nails Preview and doesn't feel too confident on it but time will tell if we get listeners for this show. He feels like he's taking a big risk or gamble but that is how he is.

Website- There was so much drama here on the website which mind you is unacceptable. Disrespect towards me or Chris or the rest of the team will not be tolerated whatsoever. We had to ban our first individual which we do not wanna ban too much but rules are rules and inexcusable for not following our terms or guidelines.  We also have decided to permanently remove chats from the website due to drama so there will be no chat on the website from here on out. We're trying to simplify things for not just us but Chris as well.

The CBOTW Show- Only thing I can say is feeds are now active and Chris is working on Wild Force and hopes to finish it next week so he can type up notes and record with Larry.

               Not much in updates this week, just the usual and most updates are about the website itself but right now not much to report back to you guys on with the website at this point really. It has been very quiet recently, especially around CBOTW HQ, I'm sure.  I'm sure if there's updates he will be sure to let us know but for the most part nothing to really say elsewhere on what I said and I will talk to you guys next week.


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