Monday, June 29, 2020

Everything About Reality TV, Shows & The YouTube Situation

              So obviously Chris is unavailable today for a post and there is a reason. As I specified on Social Media he's been under an enormous amount of stress but it don't stop him on his goals and aspirations with the website, blogs and podcasts. In this post and he has given me entire permission to go ahead and talk about this. However this hasn't been discussed with the team, Co-Founder/Senior Producer and the other hosts haven't been notified of his plan but he will be posting this up during the daytime today for discussion. 

-  Now we aren't worrying about Big Brother 22 too much but if they somehow decide to not do it then YouTube will be continuing on the back burner but for the most part it sounds like there will be a season but he has something in the planned in case of a worse case scenario situation.

- Now the fall is the next thing and a ton of questions what does this mean for YouTube and he has a few scenarios if Survivor doesn't air this fall and we hope so but there is no news when they are going to start filming the next season at this moment.

- First scenario: Chris has decided if Big Brother 22 is a no go for some odd reason and Survivor is a no go in the fall, then what the plan is for him to remain off YouTube and wait it out till one of the shows that we cover that does air on YouTube that will be the more suitable situation.

- Second scenario: If Big Brother 22 airs this summer as it sounds like it is a most definite go despite the state of the pandemic in the U.S. Then what he will be doing is, in the fall when Amazing Race 32 airs, he will record both Video and Audio ONLY and upload it to YouTube for the time being and there will be no Live stream, just uploaded as we're just starting out on the Video side of things right now.

              There is what is going to be happening and Chris should be back to blogging tomorrow as he's taking it easy right now and that is his plan with the podcast and again he will be working on discussing this with his staff more then less letting them know what the plan is. It took a bit of time to decide what he wanted to do but he's finally made this decision moving forward.


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