Tuesday, June 30, 2020

We Have To Address This....

                The last week has been so dramatic to be honest. Not just that but disrespect not just Chris but myself as well. It has gotten to a point where we had to start removing things off the website to avoid the extra drama to be honest. What do I mean? Well the chats that were on the site here are now gone and will not be returning anytime soon. More then likely it will never return. Chris is so stressed out with this drama, he's had to take an additional day hence the reason why I am back on the blog. I've told him to take his time with coming back and he's actually switched tomorrow's post 2 or 3 times now with recent news that he has heard about BB22 (Big Brother 22) so he is hoping to discuss that tomorrow. However back to what I said, we the staff of ChrisBOnTheWeb & ChrisBOnTheWeb.com will not tolerate any type of disrespect of drama moving forward. We do not need the Owner taking breaks all the time as there is a ton of work to be done especially with The CBOTW Show that is suppose to be recorded as of this upcoming month so time is ticking and he was up late watching the show and getting notes done for this podcast so he can start typing up notes for the podcast.

                    The point is, we will ban if we have to if the drama is non stop and continues to a point of any of us feel like we've been disrespected or drama we will ban but it is is hard to ban as we do not have that privilege with blogger to ban people from coming on our site but comments will be sent to spam from here on out. We're putting 0 tolerance for any disrespect and drama. I'm sorry but I'm beyond frustrated not just for myself, the team and our Founder & Owner, Chris who had to take more time off from social so he can just focus on the podcasts at hand. Enough is enough. Chris, myself and the rest of the team puts a ton of hours into the website and content you see on a regular basis and we sure as heck do not wanna have to deal with any of this anymore. I'm sorry if I'm coming off a little harsh but I had to address this so you guys know there will be 0 tolerance for disrespect and drama. I will talk to you all Sunday for the weekly updates and let's hope the rest of this week remains calm and cool and no more problem.

- Website Admin

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