Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Big Brother 22 Speculations...

              There has been a ton of speculations from Dan coming on this season which he's now disappeared from Twitter and hasn't posted anything up on his Twitter and his Twitch Shows stopped this week where he isn't streaming at all right now. Even his Twitter and Instagram there has been one post to re run shows during the week and an announcement Sunday at 3 pm EST and I just got that funny feeling he's going to be on this season of Big Brother a d I wish I was on to recap it but that isn't my domain now as Chris (Reality Teas) has taken over the podcast. Anyways I read another post stating from Cody from BB19 saying it will not air this summer that we are not going to see a season of Big Brother but we will see. So far we have heard rumors of it being an All-Stars Season and sounds like it is going to to be just that as maybe they haven' gotten enough interesting people for an entire new cast but I just do not know what to believe anymore.  Maybe they had auditions to cover the fact that this season was an All-Stars. I've spoken to a bunch of you through Facebook groups, Twitter, etc and you guys did mention that they had auditions to cover up for Season 7 being an All-Stars season.  Back to the Dan situation, yes he's not streaming on Twitch, however he's still got videos scheduled to go up everyday so maybe that's a cover up? 

                Again, I just do not know what to expect what this season is to bring us and if it isn't true or not if it will happen. They still sound very hopefully on this season of Big Brother will happen. I know some Alum have hinted that they are on this season and just by going to their socials and seeing if they've tweeted or posting up a picture or not is a pretty good hint that they are going to be on this season. We will find out and they may just as well be in sequester at this current time to play the game once again. However I do not want them to end the production of this season of Big Brother early like they did up here in Canada for BBCAN and just worried it will happen again.  We will see hopefully soon if these speculations are true or not but again it will be the matter of time and hopefully in the next week or so we will find out whether all these speculations are true. Honestly I do not wanna jump to conclusions if this is really going to happen or not because I am pretty positive it will and they will make the necessary precautions and rules during this pandemic. Finally it is good to be back to blogging and I will talk to you guys tomorrow and oh Happy Canada Day to all the fellow Canadians out there!


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