Thursday, July 2, 2020

We Made Some Crucial Changes!

                Once again, Chris is off today due to more drama and people annoying him. Honestly it is getting very annoying for me to have to cover him but that is what having a team is all about honestly.  I believe it is for just today as he's now changed the menu bar and website around and it's getting real now! We have some new cool stuff coming up and I think Chris may ask a fellow podcaster to come on his new podcast for an interview. You never know with him. Anyways here are the changes that have been made:

1) Everything About Reality TV Podcast: For the most part, Chris wasn't happy with the outcome of the podcast so what he has done is ended it at his Amazing Race Back to basics season and that is it. Larry doesn't know about the changes till tonight when Chris sits down with him and discusses all the changes that he is actually making to the podcast.

2) The CBOTW Show: It is a real deal now and will be a seasonal podcast and if there aren't shows he wants to cover during the summer then the podcast will be off for the Summer time. He has started to think about covering Last Man Standing to start things off and is currently on his list at this current time. Yes Power Rangers Podcast will be on the 3 times a year schedule and Chris is working on the show all weekend long starting today so he will be very, very busy person.

3) Entertainment Man Podcast: Finally after a long debate, Chris has decided to do Entertainment Man Podcast after all since he has time between his seasonal Podcast, The CBOTW Show so he will keep himself busy but once a week is enough for him to get his dose of a podcast and he has some cool ideas in the back of his mind.

4) Blog posts: One last thing I want to add into this post is there could be a possibility to Reality Teas joining the blog team and talking about Big Brother every week when it is on the air but that is up to him to decide.

                   Any who that is what is going on and this unnecessary drama has to stop before Chris does something he regrets like shutting down the website all together which hes been threatening since yesterday to shut it down or not renew the domain again after the 4 year term is up but we will make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Well what is left of our team not which is Larry, myself and Boss Man Chris as we do not know what Reality Teas status now that Everything About Reality TV kicked the bucket again for the 3rd and final time. However, Chris, Larry and Reality Teas should be proud, 4.5 years, 13 seasons, 265 episodes is a major milestone indeed. There is nothing to be sad about but be more proud of the accomplishments they made.

- CBOTW Team


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