Friday, July 3, 2020

Will Power Rangers Podcast Be Recorded and Air This Summer?

                   Yes again, no Chris yet again. I think you won't be hearing much from him over the next couple of days till Monday at the most maybe longer. He is really not in the right shape or mind at this moment. He has got me to do a post to discuss what he discussed last night on Skype with The CBOTW Show's Co-Founder/Senior Producer Larry Rieck. So the main discussion they had was when is the recording and the answer is their aiming for the end of July. Mon. Jul 27th, 2020 & Thurs. July 30h, 2020 are the two dates that week that they are "aiming" towards. There is no guarantees on this right now as Chris is trying to watch the show and get the notes done at the same time. Plus typing up notes which will take some time as well so there is a lot of time consuming for him but with Everything About Reality TV Podcast now a thing of the past, Chris wants to make this a priority now. So the guys are hoping to get it recorded this summer so we can push the podcast out.

                    However the bad news is, with Chris on a Podcast Hiatus for this summer, this means that there will be no new episodes out yet and this means we will be sitting on these next two episodes for the entire summer and sitting on our hard drive waiting for a September release which I will be doing a formal announcement tomorrow's post due to the fact he has to tell me the dates for things and what shows he is planning to cover in the active season and off season as well. So we hope they get to record and we hope that a podcast will be out but if not then the plan is to record in September and double up on the podcasts one in Late September and one in November. Again this all depends on Chris and the prep work and recently he's been up late nights working on it to get it done and ready to go for those dates I mentioned above.


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