Thursday, September 29, 2022

Favorite All-Time Survivor Players!

                 Survivor is still one of my favourite shows to watch and still is for many of us. 43 seasons in and I thought I'd do an updated version of my favourite Survivors of all time. I have decided to split it top 10 women and top 10 men so here it is and I am not going to explain everything, it'd be a long post. I will explain a couple at the end:

Men:                                                           Women:

1. Rob Mariano                                               Sandra

2. Tyson                                                          Amber (Rob's wife)

3.  Ethan                                                         Parvati

4.  Rupert                                                        Cire      

5.  Colby                                                          Stephenie (Palau)

6. Russell Hantz                                               Sarah (Survivor Cagayan)

7. Ozzy                                                             Kim (Survivor One World)

8. Malcolm                                                        Michaela                                                  

9. Tony                                                              Kass    

10. Ethan                                                           Aubrey

                      There is my list and With Rob I didn't not know what to expect in the way of comments he made throughout the seasons. Still one of my favourites even his post Survivor and support him through his adventures and follow him on social media. Sandra cause Queen stays the queen and just overall loved her in the season. I had to add in Rupert to my list as he is still one of my favourite old school players. Anyways that is my list and please let me know below your favourite players in the comments below if you watch the show and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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