Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What Do I Think Will Win Survivor: Island of The Idols?

             I know posts right now are all over the place at the moment but with finale for the podcasts but I was really thinking about things today or yesterday actually and since my picks are now no longer in the running to win the game so I have two people in my mind that I even mentioned to Eric on Monday who I think I will win it all. So without further ado, here is who I think I will win the game:

Tommy- He has been solid with the people he was loyal with: Janet, Dean and Dan which at this moment Dan was ejected that leaves the 3 but I think there could be a definite final 3 situation with them come finale tonight but we will definitely have to wait and see for ourselves to what happens.

Dean- Yes he has been a target but Dean has played it pretty cool and I think he could do some damage and give someone that fake advantage and someone's game could be more then done.

Lauren- Played a very strong social and strategic game and I think she can take it to the end if it isn't Janet it could definitely be her and do not forget there is a fire making challenge too that they do have to play so anything is possible.

                Now Noura, I do not really think she will go to the end of the game but if she does then she can be beaten I am sure. Again it comes down to the final Immunity Challenge and also that dreadful fire making challenge. However do not forget Janet has her idol and Dean has that idol nullifier and I think it will definitely be played and Dean will end up using it and nullifying Janet's idol which could honestly send Janet to the jury. I honestly have that really, really odd feeling Noura and Janet will be sent to the jury but in the end I just think Tommy has a better case to the jury why he should win but do not forget the new format so it will be a tougher time but out of the 3 above, I'd put my bets on Tommy winning it all and articles even say Tommy is more then likely will be the winner and I just have that real gut feeling that is what will happening.


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