Thursday, December 19, 2019

Some Changes and Additions Have Been Made!

            Due to some things that has happened in the past few days to a few weeks now, I am going to be a bit more serious on what I bring onto CBOTW as you know CBOTW Gamers Podcast is no more and it is what it is. I guess it wasn't really meant to be and I shouldn't try to revive something that failed in the past. As you know I made some changes to the site, removed the team page as It just did not work out too well with the coding nor not all the staff want to be listed or will be ok with having a bio on there. Anyways the next addition to the website is the chatroom. It has been asked to bring it back and it will help bring in more views to the website and honestly I can see things being different and we have my support staff which are around the site on mostly night when I am in bed early but I am mostly on and they will explain everyone that is around on the Staff however there is the 2 main things I want and I am just frustrated and I am happy with the current team I have.
             I know I haven't revealed it at all but Jasmine has joined the team and will be covering Big Brother Canada 8 and hopefully Big Brother 22 as well if she wishes. However details are coming in the New Year and I promise I will be giving you all a ton of details. Bringing someone new has made me so excited for what is to come in 2020 and excited for the 13th season of EAR TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast to return in 2020 with 3 recording dates in the year. I am entirely happy with Billy, Larry and Jasmine and this is the team I want to have moving forward with all these amazing changes, the chatroom returning which you can find on the right hand side of the chat. There is a ton of stuff coming for Chris B On The Web and you find out Sunday @ Noon EST as one of my members of Staff will be writing  a post tomorrow in place of me writing to give me a day off so I can try and focus on Power Rangers Podcast as I am aiming to finish this weekend so between Christmas and New Years I can type and get it finished before Jan 1st, so I may be working around the holidays possibly. 


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