Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Why I Refuse To Go Back On YouTube!

             There is a ton of reasons why and you guys know how I feel about YouTube as a whole especially with what happened recently when I tried to make a return to the platform which I will remind you in this post as one of my points that I am going to make:

1) False Copyright Claims- As you know back in the summer time I went through heck and back with the platform as my royalty free intro was falsely copyright claimed as a song from the group B52's when it wasn't so their system for the copyright system isn't too good honestly in my own opinion. 

2) Ad revenue- Ad revenue is not like it use to be and you have to have 1000 subscribers and so many total views to even get into the revenue. However I rather not earn revenue nor it would be in my goal it all goes back to # 1 on this list which is listed above and has now become one of the main reasons for me. 

3) Any Content Has To Be Family Friendly- As we know since 2016 or 2017 it has to be kid or family friendly and I'm afraid my podcast probably wouldn't even show up in anybody's recommendations at any point. 

4) Notifications- Another thing on the list is the notifications as not all notifications go out to the subscribers hence the way it is now for me and the podcasts and the blog is a ton better as you guys are notified one way or another. 

               In the end I just do not see myself or CBOTW Staff returning to the platform anytime soon as we are going to continue to do Audio ONLY and really no big plans for video anytime soon and with me recently banned from Twitch as well, there is no plans for me to do anything video wise at this point. That is the 4 reasons but the 5th one I really didn't have many trolls on YouTube that is on another platform I used up to recently so YouTube is not a problem with the trolls but YouTube has changed so much since I was on the platform in 2016 but yes I am still around the platform but as a viewer not a content creator and I have no regrets to stopping creating content on there so now I am now focus on here on the website and the podcast platforms our podcasts are on.


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