Thursday, April 16, 2020

Everything About Reality TV YouTube Channel Is Coming Along Nicely!

                    So I want to provide you guys with some updates regarding the rumors of Everything About Reality TV Podcast on YouTube as you know there was rumors speculating we were indeed to return to the platform after a 4 year Hiatus. It has been a crazy few days but anyways here are the updates:

1) We have added the banner which had to be recreated and its another story for another time. But it looks really sharp and I cannot wait to start promoting it but right now I am waiting for the right time to bring it up as we are currently in mid season for Survivor and not the right time to promote it.

2) Also I have been streaming a bit here and there to test it and Billy who is on Staff of the podcast has seen it and even the Podcast's Co-Founder has noticed that it went live.

3) I still gotta work on the channel trailer and I need to get that last element done before we  are ready to start doing podcasts live.

                      There is still work to be done and I am sure a lot of questions about the channel what is going to be Video and Audio ONLY and to what will be Audio ONLY, who is doing what and I can answer that right here, right now:

Video and Audio ONLY: 

- Survivor (Billy, as of Survivor 41)
-Big Brother (Reality Teas aka Chris)
- Big Brother Canada (Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY:

Amazing Race (Chris, Me)
Amazing  Race Canada (Chris, Me)


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