Friday, April 17, 2020

I Wanna Do More Instagram and Facebook Chats With You Guys!

                      So recently about 2 days ago I sat down at my desk and did a  FB Live for another 30 minutes with you guys and it was honestly fun! I know it wasn't much of a turnout but had a bunch of people pop in. One of my Instagram followers and 2 from the Fan Page but I have to say, thank-you for tuning in. I honestly need to do it in the evenings now I think and I honestly think people would tune in more so that is definitely something to think about moving forward. I think it will be a great idea to connect with you guys and definitely an idea and gives me something to do honestly as these days I am bored out of my mind at times but busy with CBOTW stuff. I can say this we had a great conversation and a lot of sports stuff and I actually linked  a sports links in there. Maybe for one of them, I will do a Q & A edition and let you guys ask questions or could even be a video in it's entirity and been thinking about doing one with Larry.

                      Anyways, I am off topic like usual but I like the fact this is on a Wednesday but again, timing I think wasn't right actually. However the response to it especially on FB was crazy! the numbers for that live broadcast was really high almost 30 people have seen it and I haven't actually looked at it since the broadcast but was overwhelming to see the number of views and actually our like count went up on the page so maybe this is truly a sign to start doing something like this more often. With that I want to thank-you all again for tuning in the other day and I will let you guys know when I wanna do another one and hopefully next week I will get another one and I plan on doing it in the evening this time around maybe around 6 pm EST.


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