Saturday, April 18, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling Update

                  Here is an update with the scheduling for the podcast and I have been keeping up to date with the scheduling. Anyways currently we are on Thursdays @ 9 pm EST for Survivor Winners At War up to May 14th when we will be finishing up this season and it will be an emotional so long for me as I am passing the torch for Survivor Recaps to Billy who is taking it over so I am proud to say I am willingly passing the podcast to my friend. So we have less then a month left then we move into Amazing Race 32 on May 20th which technically will be in the slot and time as Survivor was. Amazing Race 32 will be up at 9 pm EST Thursdays and excited to be continuing this current season, our 13th season of the Podcast. Now for the preview podcast it will be the weekend of the 16th/17th I will be doing the Cast assessment podcast for you guys and have it up for you guys on the weekend before the season actually begins. 

                So that is as far as we were able to go at this moment as I do not have anymore news to tell you regarding the summer but again I've said this before and I will remind you guys that I will be keeping you up to speed on things as I got more information and the fact my team and I are in keeping up on things and we are actually planning ahead of ourselves in case there is no Big Brother 22 or Amazing Race Canada, we already got an idea in the back of our minds to stall for time. These are tough times and all we can do is try and come up with ideas to keep the podcast going even if it is an Off Season Podcast for the time being and especially if we try and record every week to every 2nd week. Anyways that is the schedule for now and at least you guys are getting some kind of podcast one way or another but again we will keep you guys up to date as much as we can.


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