Friday, March 22, 2019

Watching a Few Different Shows

            This weekend, I am going to be watching a show that is different and I have never seen before. It was recommended by my friend here and I will definitely give it a shot but of course if I do not like it or it is not my cup of tea, then I will not be watching it anymore but the show I am talking about is the show called Schooled. I do not really know what it is about honestly but it is always worth giving a shot. I am always good in that way to trying out new TV Shows, I may like it, I may not. I will have to wait and see what it is like. I am also started watching since last year Last Man Standing and so far I am liking it. Of course it is because Tim Allen is in it and there has been appearances in the past seasons with Patrica Richardson and one or two other cast member from the TV Show, Home Improvement from the 1990's sitcom. I think comedy's and some drama shows  are really more my type, not all. However I am excited to see Schooled when I have the time to watch it which more then likely tomorrow night as the Live feeds are going to be down tomorrow in the late afternoon into the evening so I will have time to see what it is like. I need to catch up on Last Man Standing as well but probably tomorrow I will have time for it. 

             Either way those are the two shows that I am currently am watching currently and I am enjoying at the moment and oh I almost forgot, I am also watching Live PD and really getting into the show now and boy I tell ya some people are not smart on that show. Really shows some of the people that do the craziest things. It is nice to have a couple of shows on the list for this season and never know I may add more down the road and I have one with Kevin Hart that I am planning to watch this summer called TKO with Kevin Hart so I am really am excited as I am starting to question the future of Big Brother US which I will be announcing something soon as I know if it is coming back or not but right now I cannot say much but another blog post for another day. I am sorry this is cutting it close to midnight but here is a late post. Tomorrow I will be back on track once again.


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