Saturday, March 23, 2019

I Am Glad It Is Spring Finally!

           I am darn well am happy that spring is officially here despite the really weird still winter esk kind of weather we had yesterday with a snowfall for an hour or two which mind you made no sense whatsoever. Typical Canadian Weather here honestly. So this also means my knees will be more at ease minus the Thunderstorms that come with the nicer weather. But I have noticed in the warmer weather my knees are not affected as much so the colder weather sure does have something to do with the weather with my knees. Also I can definitely can get out more and end of April I will be out as much as I can minus the days I am in the house looking after my mom as she will be recovering from surgery which is this Monday coming up, in 2 days from now. After she is recovered tho, I will be able to get out and I already have plans to travel again at the end of April for an eviction for Big Brother Canada again which will be my last for the season. Also on May 2nd, I will be off to Owen Sound for the Spring Cruise back up to Tobermory so I will be gone all day and it will be indeed a very long day for me with the next morning being a major podcast day for me. 

          I am sure I will be out and about in the start of May too and I am sure the day of the Big Brother Canada Finale, I will be very busy and out and about that day too I am pretty sure of it as I will be running around like crazy  I definitely wanna take the advantage and throw the ball around with friends and hit balls out as I rarely get to do that but at least once a year now. I know both Eric and I will go out and about to hangout and spend time with me and we already plan on a trip down to the lake where we use to film back in the old days of us being on YouTube as a team. It will indeed be a trip down memory lane for sure for not just me but the both of us.  I plan on some trips to Toronto with my dad and I am sure my niece and nephew which I haven't really mentioned them in quite some time but I am planning to get out. There is two local events I want to go to: Maple Festival in Bowmanville and also Food Truck Friday are on the list and it is an excuse to get out locally and attend the events.  Either way I am looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out and getting more exercise and more steps in now then I have been getting recently.


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