Thursday, May 11, 2023

New Studio Looks Great!

             Now a little over a month or 2 now, the CBOTW Studio is busier then ever with two desks and now 2 computers in the studio itself. It is a very busy and hectic studio space with the limited space but it is a good busy space and I have been going back and forth from the new computer to the old one for certain things like editing the video side of things of the podcast to typing and creating notes for podcasts on Microsoft Word. My vision for this studio is exactly what I was thinking when I envisioned this.

              But about minus a few things such as the desk is half on the rug and the stool is hard to move around at times. However there is only certain space in here we can use and I do not want to take up Larry's or the guest mic space whatsoever and there can be room for a shift in the main desk possibly and moving it right a tiny bit so my big chair doesn't bang or the other idea was to get rid of the side wheelie desk perhaps and move my grandmas desk over a foot but not sure if that will work much so for now I am leaving everything as it is for now. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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