Friday, February 14, 2020

The CBOTW Show is Cancelled For Good...

            I really have some bad news and this wasn't the post that I was suppose to do technically but this comes first before the other post that I want to do tomorrow and the plan for the weight loss isn't happening right now as so much has happened. Anyways the bad news is that I have cancelled The CBOTW Show due to some things that has gone on behind the scenes which I will talk about publicly as it is a private matter. However you guys deserve the truth why no 24 Hours to Hell and Back Recap yesterday and what about the Power Rangers Podcast future? I will get into all those details in this post. The podcast itself is retired all together and it will never come back. I am making it clear to you guys that it is done and Everything About Reality TV Podcast is my main concern right now and not planning to work on anything else. Now Power Rangers Podcast as you know we are currently without a home so this brings back the idea of the collaboration podcast... Which we all know worked and less stress on us and me especially. So we will be bringing it back and the collaboration page will be popping back in the coming days but right now the blog and Everything About Reality TV have my attention right now as they need to be kept up to speed on. 

              Either way I should of not brought it back and should of stuck to the Collaboration Podcast as it has worked for us before and it will work despite the small lag of seeing the views on the website but hey this weekend were gonna make it up for you guys one way or another this weekend and make things right again. I think I very much happy with the Staff I have right now, Billy, Jasmine and Larry, so basically the 4 of us, I know this is definitely a solid 4 core group and I think this is what I wanna do is stick to this core group moving forward and try and grow from there. Yes this is bad news that one podcast is done and already gone ahead and cancelled the feeds across and thankfully we're not on very many platforms at the moment so this is good and not much work to do actually. In the end, I want to focus primarily on Everything About Reality TV Podcast and the collaboration, nothing else at the moment, taking one project at a time not a pile but yes I did hint something with Billy down the road but that will be for him and I to announce in the very nearby future.


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