Saturday, February 15, 2020

Everything About Reality TV- Giving Back To The Fans!

             With this being our 13th season, we are actually bringing on fans of the podcast for any of the shows that were covering, however I think we are mainly bringing on fans for Big Brother Canada and got a couple of requests to be on the podcasts already! We are excited to bring on more guests onto the podcast and grow this podcast even further and this week's episode is a bit rocky due to some technical issues at the start but come the following week, I am going to start improving the podcast as the weeks move on. This is our 13th season, it's go big or go home so to speak! That is what we are doing! We are proud of what we have built but it hasn't moved in much of the subs so we need to continue to grow. Now the platforms itself it's grown on many different platforms honestly, just we need to get more listeners and we will and doing very well but again don't forget we have been doing this for almost 5 years but also we have to remember starting a podcast from scratch on Audio ONLY takes time and effort. I am going to be doing a bit of changes in the next week or so with notes, the first episode there was a ton to cover technically so I want to take things one thing at a time.

              We are looking for guests to be on the podcast and THIS is YOUR Chance to get involved with the podcast! Calling all Big Brother Canada Fans, you would like a chance to recap Big Brother Canada podcast with us? Well you can email Myself or Jasmine at and we will put you name down on the list! There is limited spots, 11 spots not including the finale as we have that already locked up with a guest or guests so to speak. Please reach out if you are interested and we will be put you down. The deadline for this, well actually as the weeks go on we will add in your name. I do have to talk to my Producer about this and what I am thinking of doing is actually placing a list to who is in line. I think the first week it will be just me on the podcast then bring on guests the following week. This was all Jasmine's idea and I totally agree with the idea and it is truly going to be an honor talking to you guys over the season. Bring on BBCAN8!!!!!!!!!


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