Monday, August 1, 2022

Changes To

                 So over the weekend, I made some changes to the website. Just minor changes, nothing that affects the website. Anyways, ChrisBOnTheWeb & is now under a separate email and run under that account. It has been separated from my personal life which has  nothing to do with ChrisBOnTheWeb. So now it is split up, it makes things a ton easier to work with moving forward. Also there is another page that has been updated that I wanna talk about is the Contact Page. That has now been updated with the new emails, both inquiries and Entertainment Man Podcast. First the Inquires is for any questions pertaining to the blog, website or the contents within the website itself. This is also includes Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as well. Because the collab is only exclusively on, I have merged the old Power Rangers Collab email with the general inquires. Entertainment Man Podcast is for that podcast and podcast only.

              Please when contacting me or my team, to use the proper email. I have found that the emails have been not used properly. I didn't use the word abuse but I mean it hasn't been used properly recently hasn't been used the right way, with the use of the wrong email. I am sure I did label it properly but it is important to use  it correctly not incorrectly and please remember that. I will touch base on Thursday with my next blog post. Those are the two basic things that has changed here on the website and it is the correct move for me to go down to two work emails and a personal email. Was too much to handle with 4 or 5 different emails and this way it is a little less then overwhelming. Still gotta put the email on my computer mail system I use to read all your delightful emails and also on both of my devices, IPhone and IPad. There is some emails I need to change around but all in due time I'm sure. Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



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