Friday, July 29, 2022

End of The Week Updates [07-29-2022]

             For the last time this month, it is time for the end of the week updates! Yes July is slowly ending this weekend and we enter the last month of the summer as the fall is on the horizon. So without further ado, here is the end of the week updates:

CBOTW Studios YouTube Channel: Former member of The CBOTW Team had access to the channel and has deleted it completely on me. So moving forward now, I am actually now not giving anyone access as a manager to any of the channels, just moderator status where they can delete comments both in the channel comments and in the chatroom as well.

Website: Channel as I mentioned above has been removed but something is clearly in the works again for a new channel but that is all I am going to say for right now as I am not sure when it will be launched and made public right now. I am going to promote it when the time is right. 

Power Rangers Collab: As you know, I said I wasn't going to say anything and I didn't yesterday nor posted up pictures of Larry and I and that is because there was no recording session yesterday, we've postponed the recording till the fall because I wasn't finished whatsoever. So moving forward in the coming weeks and next 2 months, you will not be hearing anything till we are certain that we are ready to go and to go public with the episodes. 

              Anyways that are the updates, reminder that on August 12th which is a Friday, there will be no end of the week update but I have a special blog post. However you guys still get me for one more week as I am in the studio all of next week before I am gone for 5 days with my dad and I am on vacation up north for 5 days from August 8th - 12th, 2022. Also small note the week after that I am in the studio all week from the 14th - 21st of August as I will not be going out to see Friends on the Monday as their away so that week I will be going full speed ahead on content. Anyways I will talk to you all Monday, have a a great weekend!


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