Thursday, July 28, 2022

Gaming Updates [07-28-2022]

                  I have a couple of updates for the world of gaming and I am sure with Larry and I together, we'll get some progress done too today with Stardew Valley but here are the updates that I have:

Stardew Valley: I am currently gathering up Gold so I can start preparing to get the Gold Pickaxe which is step # 1 for me to do, I also am working on updating the Axe but that is later on as it is very costly, 10000 gold so that is quite a lot of money to put towards that item on the game, one way or another. As it is getting to the late fall into the winter, I will be having to change course and start going back into the caves again during the winter season to start gathering stone so I can sell it and make some gold to help me with any of the upgrades I need to do. I know when I destroy that huge copper rock, I am selling the copper for gold as I need it to start constructing things. Also I think during the winter, I wanna work on finishing up the challenges and this is things Larry and I could do today as well. 

Minecraft: I have cleared out the field where the rink is being expanded to and renovated the old original rink which is lined with Blue under the stone in places so if you remove the stone, you see that blue concrete that represents the original structure of the building . Now the actual washrooms and snack bars has been added and lights are now in the building and now started to dig out the rest of the rink and start building the rest of the structure. Also Football stadium needs washrooms and snack bars and is work in progress right now to getting it updated and ready to go. The Office building project is currently on hold is at the bottom of the list of things to finish. Anyways that is the updates for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates. 


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