Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Accepting If I Am Not Done On Time!

                 I truly accept if I am not done the notes on time by tomorrow. I got so close as of me writing this post for the day, I am at Ep # 9 of 22 at this moment. If we don't record tomorrow, that's OK with me. I need to remember, this month was very chaotic for me, had family visiting, my trips to Toronto, lunch with my dad. I have to remember to balacing out my work life and personal life too. Regardless, I will be still hanging out with Larry. We will be playing video games and enjoying each others company. That is what friends do. It cannot just be work, work work. There has to be some balace in life too. Tomorrow can be just be a fun day if worst comes to worst but this morning I am working on it as much as possible see how close in I get to finishing this crazy podcast.

                If it is not done, I will not be mentioning it the rest of the week and probably rest of the summer with the progress till I know it is done and finished with. If there is no recording tomorrow, Larry and I will do a statement for Social Media that Power Rangers Collab is on Hiatus till October of this year and will return with all 4 episodes this fall. Now I have to remember to be done on time and finish on time or it will defintely not good. I just gotta take it one step at a time to finish it and have it ready for the fall. I got 2.5 months - 3 months to prepare so I cannot waste it that's for sure. If I am not done, I am not done, that is perfectly ok. No pressure right now, just get it done by end of the week and start working on the next one. This is why I have the best Senior Producer & Co-Host of this podcast, he always has a solution to the problem. So again, if you hear nothing at all then you know it wasn't finished on time. I had to throw that out there. Anyways that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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