Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Support Change Slight Changes...

              I just wanted to touch base with you all. Today I want to cover and touch base on the Support Chat that we have on the website Contact page which mind you, it has done fantastic and tons of views on that page so this proves it has become a successful chatroom. The problem we have now that Chloe isn't Community Manager no more and Tori sister of Chloe which is kind of ironic I had two sisters together but the issue her and the team have had is the posting of personal information, outlandish accusations towards me which are not true and it will not be allowed on that chatroom. Tori has been brought on and now that you guys know her name and who she is, she will remain under CBOTWMod and will be listed under Moderation for ChrisBOnTheWeb.  

          Tori has have brought this to my attention even with my busy, busy schedule that we are planning to put it where when there isn't a moderator available in the chatroom the chat will lock or close down automatically unless there is a Staff member or Moderator Staff that is in the room. This is something we are actually exploring especially when holidays come by and we close down but we will probably put the chat right into broadcast mode if worse comes to worse. However this needs to stop, we are talking about setting it to close when there isn't Staff or Moderators available but don't mean we will doing it. We've discussed it and when she's not in the chat, it will lock and you will either have to wait or use the email system to contact us. Another duty is she will be working the email system That is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow and thanks to the former community manager for making me redo the post. That is all talk tomorrow 😠


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