Thursday, February 1, 2018 Is Back Up And Running Today!

               After 3 weeks of the that stinkin website down... LOL, it's back up finally and boy I had my concerns with it re-launching after quite the struggle with problems during the re-build process and it was an interesting experience working with problems left right and center but rest assure you, I never gave up at all and today marks 3.5 weeks of it being down is done... The wait is over, the site is up and running. In tonight's blog post I will highlighting and talking about the changes made to the website and why I made those necessary changes and also will be talking about what has stayed the same for the website.

               First the changes that were made to the website were the blog page which use to be under the tab "Blogs" which is no longer there, since I do not blog on the other website that offered me a spot but I pulled out due to circumstances. Next, I changed the contact page to an email address , due to abuse of the form and let me tell you, I think I honestly made a mistake putting that form up as it was nothing abused and spammed constantly so the email is directly on that page so I took some action towards it and I decided to pull the form off and replacing it with the contact email, hoping this abuse will stop and I think it will as I can block email addresses when there is abuse. So I got the full power. This also includes I got the power to "IP Ban" people who wanna be abusive within the website. I will not tolerate and I hate to bring this up on here but enough is enough. This website outage came at the right time, so I, the website owner or admin of the site can make things better, improve the quality of the website and I think I did that very well.  My image at the top of the website next to the banner and also the "About Chris" page image was also changed to that same image like the top of the website. Also updated my Bio on the About page to recent information and easier to understand then before. 

               What is staying as it is? Well first of all, I am leaving the podcasts. interviews under the On-Demand tab if you roll your mouse over top On-Demand when the website re-opens tonight it will pop up with interviews, if you roll interviews it will list the interviews I have done and so forth, so that hasn't changes whatsoever.  Home Page still the same, but other then that a lot of changes and tweaks made to the website has been made and trust me I am excited to see what you guys think of these changes that have made and hopefully this makes things easier for not just me but you guys as well! 

Have a great Afternoon!


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