Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Inspired Me To Do Podcasts?

        Monday, I was on the bus going out to do some running around when I was starting to think, I don't think I have covered this before, nor you guys have known what got me into podcasting. That is what today's blog post is about how this all began, how this came to be. However, you all know Everything About Reality TV began on YouTube but you do not know how I got inspired to do this. It took it a few years for me to embrace the idea of doing it full time. At the time, I was still doing YouTube at the time however I had a podcast of some sort but that was cancelled after a few months and I left it after that with the podcast world and primarily focused on YouTube. 

           Now you are wondering what inspired me to do podcasts? Well, some of you who have been following me since the beginning of social media presence back to my days on YouTube days. So back in the New Year of 2012 which I was still currently a student at college at the time but I decided to join the campus radio station, Riot Radio which ran from February till April, 2 months but it was fun. It taught me how to string together a good topic between the music to fill in, like even local music events, music news, anything interesting, even the the local weather. It also taught me to not be very nervous behind a microphone or on camera, which Riot Radio was not only Audio but also video, a visual radio station. Forwarding to 3 years later, with The Entertainment Man Talk Show on limbo I started podcasting with Everything About Reality TV and the rest is history!

            If you are wondering, Everything About Reality TV was inspired by Rob Has A Podcast and even Rob knows it as I mentioned it to him and thanked him for being an inspiration to me. So it is a two part inspiration to why I started to podcast. Also I have the passion to talk Reality TV, as you can tell from time to time, I can run my mouth on Twitter about it... LOL... It's the drive and passion I have for this, YouTube kind of died down for me after years of being loyal to the platform but I love to podcast, say what is on my mind, and also talk Reality TV or other TV Shows out there!


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