Monday, January 29, 2018

Vlogging VS. Blogging, Which One Is Better?

           I have been holding back this for quite some time now but I want to do this blog post Vlogging Vs Blogging which is better. This is only my opinion and what I think is better. Now as you know I have been through both now, vlogging on YouTube for 700 plus days and blogging since the days of The Video Projects Team when I was still mainly a part of my old team which is now in the past. 

            So vlogging is where you blog your daily life or what is on your mind. Now like I said above, I vlogged for over 700 days which was fun, however it became a chore to vlog my life everyday, edit the vlog and post it up, it was just too much for me after 700 days of vlogging, I ended up stopping the daily vlogs and moving to a couple of times a week. It was really fun tho when it came to the actual days we were shooting The Entertainment Man Talk Show or another series I had going. Also I had to be careful what I vlogged, especially when it came around the copyright end of things with the music especially if I was in the mall or somewhere where music was blasting so that was quite tough as well. 

             Now blogging, I can talk whatever I want, again my philosophy is I try to keep it clean, keep it real, not bad mouth people or put people down, but yes I will say what is on my mind but keeping it clean and not putting people down. Also I can talk about a topic whatever that is going on in my life or something that is trending out there, events I go to. Plus I like to write and I am quite good at it too, getting better and get quite the views for em compare to vlogs, so bit of a difference there.

              Which one do I prefer? I prefer blogging as again I like to write and I can say what is on my mind without limited to time as I tried to keep it to a limited time for vlogs each and everyday but here people can read it within a couple of minutes. I enjoy the aspect of I can actually take photos and post em up on here as well and I really enjoy photography as it is relaxing. I also find it easy to explain better in a blog then a vlog, so that has it's perks, so blogging is much, much better. 


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