Sunday, January 28, 2018 Update

            It has been a crazy last 3 weeks since and I found out there was problems in the back end of things with the server the website is on having a few issues, also the website builder had some malfunctioning going on, then the website going to sleep when it usually is down for the hour every night at 3 am EST, which I had to deal with that in the afternoon, which made have some doubts, if I should re-open the site but I promised you guys I wouldn't lay down and die on this website. I work everyday to ensure it is running smoothly and come November, change will be coming for as we transition to a new provider and one provider only not a domain with the domain provider and then the web builder, I got one lined up and excited to be moving over in late 2018, early 2019. 

             I admit, my stress levels haven't been great lately but you have to admit, you have to give me credit when credit is due, I am a fighter and I have fought to the end to get the website back up and running and being a success again, like it was when it was running smoothly for months on end there since September of last year. and I hope it will be like this by come March, the site will be on a steady pace to success because the amount of site visitors tells me people love my website and people are always popping onto the website. 4 days from the time this post goes up tonight, 4 days and counting till the website goes back up online once again and I am ready to have this website be the talk of social media once again.

             Honestly I wish this didn't have to take 3.5 long weeks to get back up but "great things come, to those who wait" or "patience is a virtue" and you guys have been nothing but showing your love and support with these last stressful last 3.5 weeks of hell for me and this wait will be well worth it. Not only I re-coded the entire website but I tweaked 2 pages and two of the graphics. The first thing I changed was removing CBOTW Blog from the Blogs tab and CBOTW Blog now stands alone compare to what it was at the start of 2018. Also the contact page, due to "spam" and "threats" I have now provided you guys with the contact email which I do have the power to block emails if people wanna abuse the email system again. Finally as I stated on "Social Media", I have changed the top picture of me to the picture for 2018 but also changed the image on the About page to the current image as well so this way everything is now up to date. Again you have to give me credit, when credit is due and I have come a long way since the start of running this website under the domain and learning how servers work and I think I am doing an amazing job and I am sure you guys are proud of me! 😄


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