Sunday, July 5, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Updates [07-05-2020]

                 I am pretty sure you guys are getting sick of hearing from his Staff and not Chris himself. Well alas he is going to be returning tomorrow for a post after being on and off last week due to countless drama which hasn't wavered away in the last few weeks and probably the reason why he's refused to do posts and had to dump at least 2 - 3 posts last week and is in his to do list. However the more content  the better that is coming for you guys. So the updates:

- As you know Everything About Reality TV Podcast has ended after a 4.5 year, 13 seasons, 265 episode run which is amazing which we have been hinting the plans moving forward and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast but probably he will be touching base on that more this week what he is doing to get ready for it.

- Chris will be back tomorrow on the blog and social media finally after being absent since Wednesday night when he suddenly disappeared from social media again for the second time this week after the decision of the end of Everything About Reality TV.

- Not much has changed with the website, everything has stayed the same minus the removal from the Podcasts drop down of Everything About Reality TV Podcast to make way and room for the two podcasts Chris is bringing back and definitely is going to be airing for you guys.

-  The CBOTW Show, he has spoken about redoing, well he wants to actually redesign The CBOTW Logo with new colors and add both him and Larry's faces onto the logo but he has a bigger plan with that and he feels it is about time for a new logo and a rebranding on that logo which he is working on this weekend to his liking.

                  There is the updates for the week, not really as much going on just a missing Founder and Owner for the last 4 - 5 days now, a podcast ended, 2 others are returning to the lineup. We will continue to list any updates that we may have on a weekly basis but right now we are laying low right now in the way of Podcasts and we have these blog posts for now and he will be recording hopefully 2 as I said. This is a new chapter for ChrisBOnTheWeb as one door closes another one has opened.  We cannot thank you guys enough for the love and support you have given us and we may have ended one podcast but 2 more has just begun!

- CBOTW Team

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