Thursday, October 28, 2021

I Need To Do Better With Problem Solving In This Community!

                     I know at times, I have hidden and not said anything on social media or moments I go entirely "radio silent" on most platforms, you know something is up. I tend to go quiet when I go into one of my moods or some drama went on, I do not take it on directly, I avoid the situation and not deal with it. I've noticed I have distanced myself more and more from this group and I should remain active but sometimes it is just hard for me to deal with so much going on. I need to stop distancing and problem solve. Also I find myself not listening to both sides of the story, I just overreact and drama ensues. So I have to start being more assertive and actually face the problem head on, rather then go ban happy and I have been going ban happy on the group especially. I counted at least 8 to 10 people have been banned but I have taken majority of the bans off minus 2 individuals. 

                 Trying to make it right especially in this community and starting now is a clean slate, I wanna start over as I have been too unfair with some of you and communication is key. I do not want to come over strict and that is how I feel I have been feeling like I have abused my power as Founder/Owner and losing too many followers and I gotta stop the bleeding to be honest. I mean I have to fix this community before it crumbles like The Video Projects Team once did which was one of the reasons that community crumbled which drama was  a factor as well in the last year of it's operation. That is the one thing I am scared of is when CBOTW hits 8.5 years it will all coming crumbling down once again and I do not want that to be a repeat but fair warning any issues gone forever. Consider this a fresh start as I banned so many people on the group and now only 2 are currently under a ban. This is a fresh start for all of us and this year has been hard for all of us and so many changes with podcasts and hopefully moving forward things will be better. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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