Wednesday, December 28, 2022

I'm Preparing For 2023!

             With 2023 getting closer and the New Year is this weekend, I am finalizing things for 2023. I am figuring out things for The CBOTW Show and I think I may just keep things simple and either do 1 show on there weekly or monthly. I want to simplify things and make things easier. I am over thinking on things and I should be on a more simpler side of things. Start out slowly then grow it from there on out.

               2023 will be a year of growth and 0 drama and 0 problems moving forward. This year has been horrendous running things and I am just ready for a stress & drama free year with no problems. 2023 will be another year of growth. Cause the last half of this year things have been on the up and up despite the non stop drama in the community. I am ready to continue growing this and with the addition of Discord this community is just getting better and better everyday. That is the post for today, will talk to you all tomorrow!


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