Thursday, December 29, 2022

Gaming Updates [12-29-2022]

               I have one little update and that is the apartment building is looking good! I have the first floor built without the apartments built it is just an empty building right now. I am building the floors first before creating apartments etc as my niece has to work on the elevator system to go up and down the building and it works after her getting frustrated with other elevator that will not even be mentioned as it was ridiculous build honestly as they like it didn't seem to work whatsoever. There is a elevator shaft she built that is there and it is there as a fail attempt to working on the elevator shaft. So other projects on Minecraft working on snack bars and bathrooms but otherwise, that is it.

               I will be getting Rocket League for Epic Games instead so I can play with my nephew. I know I have it on Steam but switching to Epic games for a change instead. I am planning to stream it when I get a better computer. I have kind of gave up on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I just find the game impossible to succeed in the game so I have just put it t the side for right now and will go back. Those are the updates, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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