Monday, September 28, 2020

Let's Try This Chat Thing Yet Again! SMH!

           This was all Chris's idea in the way of chat of returning to the website and I had a couple of ideas which I will not get into as we're in the early stages of the chat's return and we do not want to rush it. However it is back up and running and yes guest chat is an option for right now but if the spam and disrespect returns then we will be locking down the chat once again and we are not afraid to do that whatsoever.  There is no holding back and we wanna grow the website and build this community. This is one of the reasons we brought it back was to start growing the community and the website. Now the views are up this is a great time to expand on the website so we made a few tweaks to the menu bar and the About is under it's own drop down menu to make way for the chatroom which was released right away.

           The chatroom can be found on and staff is around typically during the daytime but sometimes we will hide out in the chatroom from time to time but depends if we are awake we may answer but keep checking back in our community chat. We hope one of these days if we can get the chat really busy that we can start doing Community Nights on our chatroom but that is part of Phase 3 of the plan as we are only in Phase 1 which is growing the community. We also will be looking for Moderators but in due time. The Only Moderator we have right now is LarryR82 as he is a former staff member of The Video Projects Team and ChrisBOnTheWeb and he has Moderator status on our chatroom and is around when he can be on. Let's regrow this community and grow this website even further!

Jim, CBOTW Admin/CBOTW Community

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