Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Renewed!

             Well, well, well... Long time no see. It has been a while since making blog content for you guys as our community manager has been taking the reigns of CBOTW in the last week but him and I spoke just before this post was started to be written. Jim wanted me to be the one to tell you guys this news that just happened in the last 18 - 20 hours. The news is that Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast has once again been renewed for another year which means another year of Power Rangers Content. Which ones will we be covering or seasons we will be covering in the new year? Well here is it:

- Power Rangers: SPD (Spring 2021)

- Power Rangers: Mystic Force (Spring 2021)

- Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (Summer 2021)

- Power Rangers: Jungle Fury (Summer 2021)

- Power Rangers: RPM (Fall 2021)

- Power Rangers: Samurai (Fall 2021)


               There are no dates just approximations to when it will be out as right now we are still currently in this season still as we got Season 10, 11 and 12 (Wild Force, Ninja Storm & Dino Thunder) to still cover but to be clear: this is just confirmation that we are continuing on with this podcast. Once we have more information on the schedule for 2021, I or even Jim will be announcing. Now it will depend when I plan on returning as an Owner but we will see but one of blog staff will be the one that announces it but I should be back well before. Anyways that is my announcement and quite a surprise to hear from the Boss Man after a week of not posting up on the website personally huh.... I thought, I'd surprise you guys and maybe I need to do that once and a while, during my leave of absence so you guys do not have to worry. Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will talk to you all soon, I miss you guys and hope you all are well.

Chris, Founder/Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb

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