Thursday, June 8, 2023

When Will The Community Manager Role Be Filled?

                 As you know Sophie recently passed away and the question we have been getting is when is the Community Manager be filled and who will be taking it over? Now I have considered Joe to help me on the site work and bring someone else on but that's just me thinking out loudly to myself but here are the answers to your 2 questions:

1) When will the Community Manager?: Pretty quick as I feel like I have hardly the time to answer messages and emails so I hired someone and I know I am still dealing with the loss of Sophie and Joe's been answering emails to help me as you didn't know I have been away from the day to day operations since Sophie passed away. 

2) Who be will the new Community Manager? Good question Joe has taken over the role and it was clear from the get go he was here to help in the long run even though we have had stress lately in this community.

           I will talk to you all on Saturday for the end of the week updates as it is a Joe take over in the blog tomorrow to explain things to you all, I will talk to you all then, have a great rest of your day!




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