Friday, June 9, 2023

Chris has been away from day to day operations

              It is not secret that Chris has been away from the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. Well he's dealt with a lot of loss lately, his grandma, Chloe and Sophie have passed away and he's requested a Leave of Absence which the team agreed to let him take time away but still very much a part of this community regardless with creating content continuously on a regular basis. I have watched over the fan page, Discord Server and of course, So I have been filling in for him for the last week and a half, keeping up with the emails and messages that come to the page and Discord. 

           I know Discord has been full of drama and problems and we apologize for it but we will not allow it especially coming from Chris's right hand man practically. Plus the Discord program not working properly earlier in the week at the end of the weekend, there has been problems and nothing I cannot handle. Chris has nothing to worry about, everything is under control. Hope y'all have a great weekend and remember the end of the week updates is tomorrow.


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