Wednesday, June 7, 2023

No Clue What To Blog About!

             I have no clue what to blog about today. The original post was about the Discord but that has been deleted all together cause of more drama and non stop drama so I just did away with it all together. One less headache to worry about right? I had too many headaches with this server and it is just not worth it with the headaches honestly. I have had a rough last few weeks and this week was the worse of the worse of them all. 

          With Discord gone comes a  new fun little CBOTW Community group which can be found  which is the only time I will promote it. I will not promote it whatsoever after today from here on out and will not be promoting it moving forward but will be pinned to the Fan Page on Facebook. Anyways I am rambling at this point but this is a pointless blog just what's on my mind. Things in this community has been a bit of a disaster and trying to support Joe as right now he is in charge at this moment as I am still on Leave and not sure how much long till I return to the day to day operations. Anyways that is the blog for tonight, I promise you guys I will be more on time and am sorry for the late post. Today's just been super hectic and chaotic for me. Talk to you all tomorrow.



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