Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020, Year In Review!

                This year has been terrible for ChrisBOnTheWeb. So much went wrong for me as a content creator from losing Staff to losing a Podcast, that I loved dearly and not being able to go to events was another big problem but I am going to break it down on this post:

Everything About Reality TV: I loved this podcast with every fiber in my body and I would of continued on with it if I had hosts who could commit to their weekly podcast. Also my head wasn't in it anymore with this podcast to be honest. I left my own podcast not on the best of terms and I know there was a ton of disappointed people and lost a pile of followers because I wasn't doing the Reality TV Podcast but those who stayed, I thank you for your continuous support of the projects I am still doing to this day. I really regret the way I went out of this podcast in bad terms, but least I ended it with the Back To Basics Amazing Race episode.

Staff: I think this is the year that I had to let go staff for not doing their part and there has been some who I have blocked or I've been blocked by but that is their choice. You have to remember this is my website, I am the content creator here and I call the shots whether I wanna end a project or whatever I wanna do with it. Also for me to be on my own now is the best decision I can have. I know that I am pretty much on my own with some help, not much help right now but I really do not need much help at this moment. Those who have contributed in the last couple of months, Larry, Kelsie and Billy, I thank you for everything.

Events: I am disappointed the fact that I wasn't able to do events and very little photography was done as I normally do in a year but hopefully soon I will be able to get back into a regular routine once this COVID-19 passes but may not be till 2022 but we will have to wait and see really. 

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: I am blessed to actually have both of these podcasts in my routine on a weekly basis and 3 times a year and has become my main two projects at this moment and I am honestly having a ton more fun with these and I have gotten into em both of them.

                This year has been full of up's and downs this year and hopefully New Years and 2021 will be full of more positivity and exciting new opportunities for the website and podcasts and never know what will happen. I have a plan that I will tell you guys tomorrow, either way have a fantastic New Years Eve and Happy New Year to you all!


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