Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! 2021 Is OFFICIALLY Here!

              First of all, I wanna wish you guys a very Happy New Year! Hope you didn't get too crazy over New Years Eve! I know I didn't I had a beer in the evening to celebrate and a small glass of wine when we rolled into 2021. Anyways, this year has a lot of cool stuff happening and minor changes to CBOTW.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Heading into 2021, I promised some interviews and guests and I promise you guys I will get some guests on there 3 Alumni are set to appear but no guarantees with 2 of them as we are still currently in Quarantine and it is hard as two of them do not have Skype and rather be in studio to record it. Anyways also I got a ton of tops throughout the year and this year promises to be a better year for this podcast as this is one of my primary focuses right now so looking at least 50 new episodes weekly this year and I am excited for it.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Excited to record the remainder of the verbal agreement or contract we had with one another so another collab is coming your way this month before we go on a lengthy hiatus till mid year and while we fix our tech issues we had last year and catch up on the notes and a post is coming about the timeline I'm looking at this collab.

Events: No ETA when I will be able to go to events so right now things are on hold at this current moment and I cannot tell you guys exactly when I will be back to those, it depends if cases get lower but you can expect me to not be in Toronto for Toronto events anytime soon, not this year at the most, but looking into 2022 at the most for returning to events but again we will see.

                 I am excited for this year and continuing on with the projects and even potentially collaborating with other podcasts and having them as a guest on Entertainment Man Podcast and potentially make some new amazing connections and continue to stay in touch with all my current connections. Again Happy New Year to you guys and I wish you nothing but the best in 2021!


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