Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 and What Is Planned for ChrisBOnTheWeb!

              2021 is going to be promising for the website and content! Today I am going to expose what the plans are and I actually been hiding a ton of stuff from you guys. Right now there is one thing I cannot tell you guys yet and that will be for Matt to tell you guys down the road on the 15th of January to be exact. Anyways here is what is in stored for 2021:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Returns on Sunday, January 10th, 2021 at the normal time @ 1 pm EST with a brand new season and the podcasts 2nd season to be exact and got monthly interviews lined up over the next few months.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: As you guys know there is one episode remaining before the hiatus and you know the Hiatus will be a lengthy Hiatus for Larry and I but the part that you do not know and I am going to tell you guys we are planning to return in June. This gives us 6 months to get ourselves straightened out with Podcasts and the plan we are having is June for SPD and Mystic Force, October for Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury and December for RPM and Samurai. We will then be back in January 2022 for a new collab and we should be by then to be back on track.

Possibly Another Collaboration Podcast: Another collaboration Podcast is on the horizon and I have spoken with my potential Co-Host and I am excited for a new opportunity. We do not know the entire details as of yet. It is Reality TV related and a Big Brother Collaboration Podcast. Also it will be an seasonal thing kind of like Larry and I's podcast but again no details are available as of yet as it is in the planning stages. Don't worry non of the other podcasts will be affected whatsoever. 

Events:  I am not going to say anything on this topic but right now I am playing everything by ear at this moment and with the Corona Virus still very much a thing, there is no events really planned at this moment and I do not wanna take a risk. Right now we are currently in Lockdown at this moment and no plans to actually  for events till things really settle down. So I am not going to say anything but at this point more then likely no events at this time. I hope this clears things up a bit.

Studio Lockdown: This is another thing that I cannot really say as I do not know when Larry will be allowed to come back to the studio and honestly it is quite difficult to pinpoint the plan is moving forward but any podcast will be done online.

            There are the plans for 2021 and I am sure this year will be amazing and I know I left out the site work but that information is coming in the next few weeks in the middle of the month but when it is time, Matt will explain the plans with the website and the enormous change that is going to happen. Anyways I will talk to you all on Monday with regular posts again.


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