Sunday, January 3, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-03-2020]

             First of all Happy New Year!!!!!! We all made it into 2021! Chris, Billy, Larry and Myself promise you guys this year will be a lot better as he announced some dates and things that are going to be happening for CBOTW in 2021. We certainly hope you guys had a wonderful New Years and ChrisBOnTheWeb is back in the saddle once again. Now with this being our 3rd in 2021, there are no real updates but Chris working on Entertainment Man Podcast, the Collab and that 3rd project that is underway right now. So I would like to take this opportunity to actually to address something that happened last year that we have been keeping silent about. There was some drama last year that has happened with a pile of people who once supported us and I want to say this, we will not tolerate disrespect and moving forward if we see any disrespect, you will be blocked or banned from our social media. We work our butts off on content and growing this community to have this disrespect thrown at us.  


              The next thing I'd like to address is the former Community Lounge which has since then been replaced by the Discord Server which has done extremely well and it is a ton better then Chatango. Let me explain.... With this chatbox we had we did not allow users or guests to use VPN's as we have had troll issues in the past and that became problematic for us as VPN's were used and yet we had "do not allow VPN's" on. So it is a problem with their block system on their chat service. So Chris and myself deleted all accounts, Billy's, my own, Chris's Staff account and the main admin account have since then been deleted along with the chat system as well. We have since then we've moved to Discord Server which I did do a post and you can find the Discord Server on the right hand side next to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons or by going to and signing up for a Free account as our server we have it securely tight as there will be 0 tolerance for drama or disrespect moving forward. I will talk to you guys next week with an update to what has been done in the last week, have a great week and I will talk with you next Sunday. 😀

Matt, Site Admin

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