Monday, December 21, 2020

I Have Returned! Where Have I Been?

               I have Officially returned to posts and honestly I know I went away and there was a ton of drama with my team and I ensure you what is going on between my team and I, we're fine, the 3 of us are completely fine and I know I lost 3 likes on the page but that's OK I'll rebuild it and I have reached out to some peeps in the past to see if I can bring back a fan that supported me originally. Working my magic right now. Anyways to why I was missing in the last entire week last week is no secret why I disappear for a week is because of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as I was working so hard on getting notes finished and I did finished up the notes and we recorded and it was a very big success despite some minor hiccups but it was a technical issue within the mixer and my doing, pressing the darn buttons and the issue I was having was I couldn't hear Larry very well on the mixer and I feared we almost postponed or used a different source of recording.

               However, I started fiddling with the mixer and it worked and we were under way and recorded 2 hours & 22 minutes worth of content. We put a ton of time and effort into the content which is why it does so well for us and goes to show we are doing something right and you guys have been enjoying it 2.5 Years later.  This week is me editing the collab and starting up Dino Thunder before my 4 day breaks during the holidays and hopefully  back to the grind on Sunday morning when I get things underway all the way to New Years Eve. Trying to get notes done just before New Years so this way I am able to actually start typing in the New Year so Larry and I can record mid January 2021 at the most. So that is where I have been is Collab work right now. You will see 1 more live blog tomorrow from me but then it's all pre-written for the next 4 days while I'm off spending time with my parents since we're in a full pledge lockdown but will make the best of it. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post.


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