Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What I Have Learned From The Most Recent Collab and Things We Can Improve On....

                 The most recent episode of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, was eye opening and a lot of learning for using the Mix-Minus setup and still a ton to learn with this. As you know as I mentioned on Social Media I couldn't hear Larry and I kind of figured that it had something to do with the mixer board and don't forget I had added the wires to the board and it was truly something to do with the mixer board. Anyways I apparently was messing around with the mixer and pressed a button on the Mixer which activated the lack of sound going through the board onto the recording. Either way the issue was quickly fixed and we recorded. This was very eye opening with this first collab with the Mix-Minus and we have a ton of learning to do and the levels on the mix-minus setup which is a knob on the board I turn to bring Larry onto the recording of the podcast. This was also the first time we actually used it as I haven't had it that long now, only a few weeks and it was not used since last week's recording so it was untested and I can definitely see us running into issues.

                   Anyways, the point of this post is we still gotta continue on working on levels and we do not really have much to improve just continue on working on levels and ensure we can hear Larry. One thing I am proud of is the conversation between Larry and I and he wanted to get involved and there was times he wanted to chime in and I let him say his peace and he answered my questions too. What I am trying to say is the interaction was a lot better and we're getting better as we continue to progress with the podcast. I have learned a lot from this experience and things are just getting a ton better and the quality of production is getting a lot better now we have this setup just getting use to this new setup. Things are underway and we are getting there with this setup with this hiatus coming very soon we will have plenty of time to change the way we do things. I still gotta talk to my right hand man on this to what the plan is moving forward. Anyways enjoy the pre-written blog posts over the next 4 days, Merry Christmas and I will talk to you all on Monday as I do not normally write posts on Sundays.


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