Saturday, December 12, 2020

Blog Posts Schedule Moving Forward

         I know it seems confusing with the Blogs and to when certain things are going to happen and what not so this is why I am making this post. I know I have been all over the place with posts and/or missing days from time to time but some days I need to take to myself and soon as Ninja Storm notes are done, I am going to go write happy with Blog posts for the holidays this way I am spending no time on my days off so I can enjoy my time with I guess the family here in the household since we're under restrictions again. Maybe I will explain that one day soon but anyways here is the schedule:

Week # 1:

Sundays: Weekly Update (Nothing is changing) From My Website Admin, Charlotte.

Mondays - Fridays: Regular post from Yours Truly.

Saturdays: Weight Loss Updates from Yours Truly.

Week # 2:

Sundays: Weekly Update (Nothing is changing) From My Website Admin, Charlotte.

Mondays - Saturdays: Regular post from Yours Truly. (Note Weight Loss Updates are ONLY every second week in the Week # 1 cycle.)


               There is the updated schedule for this week and next week on this day, I promise you guys I will have an update on my weight loss journey and how it is going for me but this week is a normal every day topic compare to other weeks. I can say this, I am working on a new method to lose this weight and decided to take a different route with it so this way I can at least get into the 220's at the most. Anyways, I hope this clears up some air with the schedule and right now and once I lose all the weight the schedule will be different again but that is for later not right now at this moment. I will talk to you all on Monday's blog post!


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